Acupuncture HAPPY HOUR


Community/Group style acupuncture


Every Sunday 12PM – 4 PM (By appointment only)


Price $35-$45 (Cash/Check Only) You choose what you pay.


Please call beforehand to reserve your spot. Last minute appointments may be available. Payment is due at the time of treatment. Herbal Formulas are sold separately.


Please be aware: These are not private treatment. The room will be set up with 3 relaxing chairs for up to three patients to be treated at a time. Community/Group style acupuncture is a budget-friendly option for treatments, conducted in a comfortable group setting.


Needles are inserted into easily accessible locations, such as hands, arms, feet, legs, head, and/or ears. Please wear loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up over elbows and knees.




A few things that can be addressed during acupuncture happy hour:

Immune support/ Illness prevention

Stress/Anxiety relief


Weight Management

Digestive problems




Seasonal allergies



and much more..


Contact us today to reserve your spot